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Produced Ancestors


Kubars Golden Bud


Camelots Blaze Maxine

Nookie a Blaze Maxine Daughter


Camelots the Duke

The Duke Produced Rajun Cajun and Camelot Pits Chief as well as many others

Camelot Pits Chief

Downsouths Redmans (son of Chief)


Pacheco's Vampiro (Son of Camelots the Duke)

Castle Kings Kennel Lil Duke

Barbwires Tommy Gun

tommy gun tommy guntommy gun


Camelot Pits/The Pithouses Shaq an Inbred Son of Camelot Pits Chief (Camelots the Duke Son)


shaq shaqshaq

The Pithouses Capone (Shaq x Nautica)

the pit house capone

Camelots Psycho Maniac

Camelot's Rajun Cajun (son of Camelot's The Duke)

Rajun Cajun is the sire to Kojack the whole basis of our yard.

All dogs below are direct descendents of Rajun Cajun or heavily bred off him by way of Kojack and Shredder

This male is the cornerstone of our program Barker's Kojack (son of Camelots Rajun Cajun)


This is McKennas Gage (son of Barkers Kojack)


Gage x Hottie


Murphys/SDK Red Rex (son of Barkers Kojack)

Dirty Red (kojack daughter RIP)

Red Mythologys Boy



Red Mytholgys Jewel- Boys sister


Red Hots Jack Boots

Red Hots Lady

Red Hots Sexy

Sarona Trouble


Red Hots Shredder


Solo Rages Full brother R.I.P

Lil Harleys Sire

Red Hots Lady

Red Hots Sadie (mother to rage and Solo Pictured above)

Rodriguez Golden Bud II

(Sire to K-NO)

Sumos Dam

Hornet (Sumos Littermate)

Krackers Sassy

K-No x Jezzebell Big City Owned By DownSouthKennels


Sandries Kaos

Johnsons Hershey Kiss, Reyes Shotgun

Pooles Max

pooles max

Mckennas Tankster (Sirect son of Tank)

Hardheads Blitz 50% Petersons Sherman Tank (Double bred Tankster)

Olzewskis Razor Pictured on the right